E-Learning Services

Electronic learning (e-learning) is a nowadays practice that improves performance and simplifies the learning cycle by establishing, managing and using appropriate resources and technological processes.

E-learning service plays an important role in enhancing lifelong learning and provide unlimited opportunities for personal growth and development. In addition, it is a more flexible way of delivering contents especially for frequent accessed materials.

There is no doubt that e-learning has become one of the central points of education systems in recent years. To a certain extent, we can say that network-based training and education has become a more and more popular form of teaching especially in higher education. Such important shift in education mainly related to the evolvement and ongoing advances of the internet.

In Maeen, we provide the infrastructure and the technology needed to host the E-Learning web-based system making the educational materials available to students or researchers eliminating all physical barriers or geographic proximity. Such service provides much accessibility to universities to have much flexibility of time offering the courses, increasing the participation, efficiency, and satisfactions of the enrolled students. It is an opportunity for letting scholars to communicate instantaneously with students in different part of the Kingdom any time and any where. With all of these advantages, the quality of the e-Learning solution is influenced by the infrastructure that carries it. The high and stable bandwidth, the reliability, and the balancing of online learning traffic is maintained in Maeen connectivity solution for all universities in the Kingdom.