Internet Service Unit

Work began on the introduction of the internet to Saudi Arabia after the Council of Ministers Resolution No.163 on 24\10\1417\1996 which authorized the king Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology with the task of the introduction of internet services unit and studied extensively the potential national market of the internet and its potential orientations.

After this great and excellent effort the Internet service launched on 26/8/1419-15/12/1998 in the Kingdom seven years after the emergence of the network in the world, and after less than two years of the decision of the Council of Ministers to Saudi universities have been linked to the city in addition to companies and organizations that provide service internet for the users in the Kingdom in accordance with the rules and regulations prepared by the Internet Services Unit in king Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology.

In (1425 – 2004) the internet has been reorganized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by issuing a resolution from the Council of Ministers No. 229 in 13/8/1425.  STC and Information Technology Commission was assigned to take responsibility of organizational and administrative aspects of the internet in addition to assigning the task of presenting internet service to some private sectors companies under the supervision of the Communications and Information Technology Commission.  The resolution allowed the distributing the tasks of the Internet Service Unit on a number of centers so that all can unify their efforts for the sake of providing better services to important sectors such as academic, research and government centers.