Membership Overview

As a member, your organization gains the following benefits:

  • Maeen Network offers access to a high-speed and dedicated internet connectivity covering the growing need for information in today's world.
  • Maeen Network offers its member inter-connectivity.
  • Maeen Network further offer connectivity to sound research and education organizations across the globe and facilitates global identity services to simplify the process of connecting to different research networks.
  • Maeen Network connects its members with global research and educational organizations across the globe.
  • Maeen Network offers a wide range of internet services like storage, hosting, etc.
  • Maeen Network offers an attractive cloud computing infrastructure that is both secure and productive.
  • Maeen Network offers advanced cyber security services.
  • Maeen Network facilitates collaboration and E-learning.

Organizations of different types can benefit from Maeen Network membership. Examples are universities and colleges, innovation centers, schools,  healthcare providers, museums, and science centers.

A complete list of current members can be found here.

For more information about membership and subscriptions, please contact our helpdesk at