Maeen Network Federation

An Identity Federation (Federation) is an association of organizations that come together to exchange information, as appropriate, about their users and resources in order to enable collaborations and transactions.

Maeen Network Federation is introduced to facilitate and simplify the introduction of shared services across the Federation. This is accomplished by using Federation Technologies to extend the scope of a digital identity issued by one Federation Member to be valid across the whole Federation. The Federation relies on Home Organizations and Attribute Authorities to correctly and accurately assert information about the identity of End Users to Service Providers, that may use that information to grant (or deny) access to the services and resources they offer to End Users.

The following sections provide more information about Maeen Network Federation.

Federation Policy

The Federation Policy document defines the Federation by defining the Federation Members’ obligations and rights to be able to use available Federation Technologies for electronic identification and for access to attribute and authorization information about End Users in the Federation.

It follows the federation policy document.

Maeen Federation Policy v1.0

Federation Registration Policy

The Federation Metadata Registration Practice Statement document describes the metadata registration practices of the Federation Operator with effect from the publication date shown on its cover sheet. All new entity registrations performed on or after that date SHALL be processed as described in the document until the document is superseded.

It follows the federation metadata registration practice statement document.

Maeen Federation Metadata Registration Practice Statement (MRPS) v1.0

Technology Profile

Maeen Network Federation Technology Profile document is describes how Maeen Network Federation is made operational using the SAML V2.0 Web Browser SSO Profile. The SAML V2.0 Web Browser SSO Profile defines a standard that enables Identity Providers and Service Providers to create and use web Single Sign on services using SAML .

It follows the federation technology profile document.

Maeen Federation Technology Profile v1.0

Available Federations

Maeen Network Test Federation

Provides a test environment for Maeen Federation members where they can test and experiment with services without subscribing to Maeen Federation.

Maeen Network Production Federation

Is the production environment where real data is being used. By joining the Production Federation, members will be able to authenticate to other organizations and use available services.

Joining Maeen Network Federation

1- Are You Eligible?

Subscription to the federation is available to MAEEN members, and any organisation or institution that undertakes or supports education, research and development.

2- Trial Maeen Network federation (Test Federation)

Members are required to join the Test Federation before register to the Production Federation, so that they can test services, and complies with Federation policy. To test the federation, send email to

3- Subscription Form

Complete Maeen Federation Subscription Form and email it to
(All institutions that subscribe to Maeen Federation are required to be fully compliant with the Maeen Federation Policy)

Identity Provider Registration Form
Service Provider Registration Form

4- Notification from Maeen Federation

Maeen Network Federation team will contact you regarding subscription.

5- Move to Production environment.

After subscription application approved by Maeen Federation, Operation Team will contact you to move your service(s) from Test Federation to Production Federation.


Maeen Network Ferderation Metadata

Metadata URL
Entity IDMaeen Federation
Signing Certificate
Cert Fingerprints AF:EA:76:39:D1:5E:70:34:7F:CD:7B:F5:60:10:38:6C:91:28:23:91:72:5F:67:EC:06:2B:23:A7:1A:3B:5B:5D (SHA256)


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